Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wish I took this...

Found in ellagraph's store on etsy. You're going to have to teach me to do all that link stuff. I have no idea...


  1. Oh I'm so learning as I go! When you're writing up a post there is an option to choose "Link" up along the menu right next to where you click to upload a picture. It pops open a box where you type in the web address and then what word(s)in your post that you want to the be "link". Does that make sense?

  2. I like that picture by the way. I totally see that in your house in your lovely green room. Though I'm still dreaming about the red IKEA clock on the wall. When I find things that are too "adventerous" for Brian's taste, I decorate your house in head instead. Kind of like when I find clothes that I love that are too big for Liza, I dress Eva in my head instead.

    Oh, I should ask, are you an internet phobe who would prefer to not list you family names on the blog? If so, I totally understand. We could just use first initials or something if you'd prefer. What are your thoughts? These are like first date/relationship questions that I suppose should have been asked at the start of the blog huh? :)

  3. Oh goll...I'm not a phobe. BTW, i think i have secured the clock as a v-day gift. :) Horray!

  4. Ohhh, really? I had it banked on the "things to get Janelle list". I don't know why it was so hard to think of a Christmas gift idea and then once that passes I get ideas left and right. Ridiculous!