Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby Names

So I'll be living vicariously through your for the next 9 months.  Just plan on it okay? :)  I was reading CJane's post about baby names tonight and thought of you.  Do you read CJane?  She's great.  Her post is about choosing "out of the norm" baby names and the comment section has a TON of different ideas.  Some of them seem like ones that would be up your alley.  Others are just plain crazy.  Reading it makes me want to start making a list of baby names that I love.  Brian and I can't have any boys in the future because I don't have a single boy name on my list.

1. Claire---I love it and Brian hates it
2. Ella---Brian is only so so on this one.  I have time to convince him otherwise.  Wouldn't Ella Claire Warburton be cute?!  Hmm, maybe I could convince him on Claire if we use it as a middle name.
3. Jackson---okay, I lied I do have one boys names that I like.  I'd call him Jax for short.  Of course with a mom named Jill that still brings a flood of torturous "Jack and Jill" memories from my school days.

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  1. I LOVE claire too. Trev shares Bri's sentiment. I like ella too. The jack and jill thing may be enough to deter me if i were you...but he's your kid. ;) I mean, he COULD be your kid if you get your patootie moving!