Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dork with a New Toy

I love this blog idea. I have no idea what I'm doing and therefore feel technologically inept but I like the challenge. I also like the challenge of finding new lovelies to share. Is it bad that after my first post I kept checking the blog to see if you'd post/respond like a 15 year old girl waiting for her crush to call?

Oh I should also say that if there's anything blog design wise that you want to change, feel free it's your blog too. The blog header was just something I threw together really fast while experimenting. If your amazing Photoshop skills can create something better then go for it. Again I have visions of awesomeness in my head with no idea on how to create them. I did find a blog called The Cutest Blog on the Bock with tips and tricks on how to do things. They also have free backgrounds if you want to make your blog all cutesy. I'm not sure I'm feeling cutesy but they do have great tips on how to do different design things with your blog.

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