Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello Green-Eyed Monster

This little beauty is now mine.  I tried to see if any of the local stores had any in stock so that I could go see it in person, but no luck.  So, I'm taking a chance and crossing my fingers that I love it as much in person.  I think it would be so cute for Easter and well every day after that.  

I found this on Old Navy's site today.  I love her too but I'm not sure she's $27 cute.  This looks like it would be so comfortable and snuggly, doesn't it?  Sadly I haven't had much luck with the ones I've tried on that are this style.  The front always ends up going down to my knees and looks ridiculous.  Maybe this one is different... 
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  1. they have some at kohl's like that (shorter, not to the knees) that I see on the clearance racks. I got one that was like 8 bucks. Look there. And you may not want to wear your new treat of a jacket around me. I might turn crazy. It's killer cute!