Friday, February 12, 2010

wanna make this...

I love how this looks. It makes it look expensive. Tutorial


  1. This is cute. I'd need my butt to get a little skinner to pull it off but it would be darling on you. I think I'd like it better if you could leave it open and not do the button it all the way down thing. Kind of like the JCrew inspiration picture she had posted. I love that one. Of course it's $98 and on a skinny model, so I might not love it as much in real life.

    Speaking of not loving in real life, my pink jacket arrived. I bought it a size down thinking it would be a better choice considering the weight loss and it's not quite to a point where it fits yet but I can't decide if I love it or not. I figured worst case scenario if I hate it could make a really cute maternity jacket for you come Sept/Oct.

  2. everyone wins ;) just kidding...i bet the jacket looks cute on you

  3. The bigger challenge is that I think this style of jacket was made for girls with smaller "shoes" than I....