Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DI finds

So Sunday, as is customary, I came home from church, ripped off my dress, and pulled out my favorite jeans to change into. Except it seemed as though an accident had happened in the dryer, shrinking them in such a way that they refused to move their jeanie selves up over the hip region. It seemed like an epidemic, as 8 subsequent pairs of pants yielded similar results. GRRR!!! I've heard that in your second pregnancy things start to shift easier and faster than the first time, but holy cow, I'm only 5 weeks pregnant! I didn't even have any bigger jeans to use, because I gave all my too-big clothes away to a girl down the street who was loosing weight right behind me. I was stuck! Monday morning, Mom and I headed right to the to DI to hopefully find something that can bridge the gap between now and prego pants. I found 2 pairs of GAP pants for 6 bucks each! (Located on model) I also found this fabulous wrap sweater (perfect for the apparent rapid growth) for 5 bucks. Mom found the two IKEA chairs and bought them for me for 5 bucks each. Eva is modeling the white one (because she was jealous I was taking pics of me, not her), and Pretty Princess ($1.50) is modeling the yellow chair. Pretty Princess (as named by the birdster) turns out just won a spot on the reality series "Extreme Doll Makeover"...more on that to come later. :) Have a great day!


  1. I really like the green sweater. And the model too ;) I have a love for all things green these days.

  2. And I'm back. I hate that clothes start shrinking the 2nd you find out you're pregnant for the 2nd time. It's not fair. I also hate maternity clothes. Then again I was shopping for plus sized maternity clothes and I swear the choices were so few and far between. Maybe it will be all warm and fuzzy one day when I'm shopping for maternity clothes with the other skinny girls :) Now is the time that you just start focusing heavily on wonderful jewelry, shoes and purses. At least those don't make you feel fat when you put them on.

    I should also say that I'm jealous of your DI success. I think the DI up here hates me or something. I just don't think it holds treasures like the DI in Provo did. Man you could find great things there.