Monday, June 7, 2010

fun decor for your shower

I don't know if your shower is indoors or not, but I love this idea. It's strips of vellum sewn together and hung. I think it would be adorable. I saw it on Jordan Ferney's blog. Here's the link to the tutorial.

p.s. I ate an entire cantaloupe for lunch today. Yummy. Now I look like I'm having twins.
p.p.s. I think I have just about sealed the deal on "eleanor"...Trev was saying what nick names he'd call her and everything, so I know we're close. :)


  1. I saw those on her blog too. I wonder if it would make me crazy trying to make them? Wanna help with me with a project? ;)

    I still think Eleanore is darling. You have my permission to used my dibbed names of Ella, Ellie, etc. You just may not be offended or surprised if we end up with children that have the same or similar names. :)

  2. The shower will be indoors. I decided the the middle of the afternoon in July would be too hot for me to handle. And since my house has such a wonky layout, I gave up and decided to use the church. Far less cleaning on my part when it comes to the preparation portion of things.